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How to Generate an Invoice, Best Free Invoice Tool

With the help of the Online Invoice Tool Generator, you can generate invoices online, both its options where you have some free services and premium services are also available.

A businessman who is doing any business of his own and he is selling any item or providing service to their customer then they need to send an invoice then he need not worry.

There is a long list of online free invoice generator tools out there with pre-built templates in well-designed designs. All you have to do is enter the data in it and generate the invoice.


What is an Invoice?

An official document where both the buyer and the seller have agreed to an actual price in exchange for a service and an official document of the transaction is issued by the seller to his buyer is called an invoice.

You will find such an online invoice-generating tool from where you can generate invoices for free also.

I am sharing with you a list of some such selected websites where you can create an invoice for free.

There are both types of options available. In the free services, you get a limited number of services, while in the paid version you get fully controlled options. You can customize the invoice as per your business requirement, change its options and also generate a PDF file


Why e-invoicing?

Invoicing is the most accurate, and cost-effective method for the buying and selling process through which both buyer and seller can agree on a fixed price and not get lost in an unnecessary inbox.

  • The fastest way to get paid
  • Real-time visibility


How to Make an Invoice Using the Invoice Generator

  • When you are creating an invoice for your business for the first time, then you have to keep some important documents for yourself and also fill in some important information.
  • You have to fill in your business details properly such as name, phone number, and address
  • Enter accurate client information such as name, email, and address.
  • Give the necessary description of your service, its time limit, actual price, tax, etc. Also, fill in the details, if there is any discount, then fill it in too.
  • You can also fill in the necessary instructions for payment, deadline, payment method, etc.
  • Also, upload the business logo and fill in the color brand name, etc. to give a professional look to your invoice.
  • Check all the details before finally clicking on the invoice generate button.
  • Now if you want to create PDF then click on generate PDF or if you want to mail then email.


11 Best Free Invoice Generator Tool in 2022



The invoice generator website gives you the option to generate online invoices for free. is a free tool where you can do the necessary changes for your invoice for free like changing the logo of the invoice, setting its field ID, and adding some required options.

With the help of this free tool, you can generate and send original invoices for your business organization for free. website is trusted by millions of people which provides an attractive and quick option to generate invoices.

You can also access it on a web browser and create and send an invoice for business and download PDFs of it without submitting any additional documents.

There is also an option to create an invoice in the unlimited number, for which you do not have any restrictions and do not even need to pay money.

Invoice Generator Free Tool

Invoice Sample


  • Create, send, and receive electronic invoices
  • One-click invoice generate
  • Unlimited invoice generation for free
  • Securely send digital invoices to your customers
  • Generate a PDF file for the invoice.



The Invoicesimple gives you the option to generate a professional-looking invoice for your customer in a few minutes with the help of any device in an easy way.

With the help of this tool, one can create invoices for anyone such as contractors, freelancers, owner-operators, creatives, and other small business owners. for your business.

I am telling you a step-by-step method with the help of which you can generate a professional invoice for your business or for individual work also.

This invoice sample has a complete facility to customize as per your business which you can follow to generate customized invoices.


Invoice Sample -

Invoice Sample


  • Easy to use Estimate Templates
  • Make receipts: After the payment is made, its receipt can also be prepared and sent to the client.
  • Facility to generate invoices from any type of device.
  • Professional Invoice Templates.
  • Totally free feature.
  • Fast and secure method.


3. Zoho Invoice Tool

The invoice generator tool from is a great option for you for a free pre-build invoice template where you can generate invoices by filling in the required information along with your business logo.

After filling in all the details, you can download, and print the invoice, or can also email its copy to your customer.

However, it also provides a free feature where you do not get the option to make changes in the template.

The paid feature of has the option that you can completely customize the invoice template as per your business need.

Zoho Invoice Tool To Generate Invoice

Zoho Invoice Sample


  • Every field is editable.
  • Facility to send invoices directly to the customer by email.
  • Facility to download the invoice in PDF.
  • Accessibility from any device.
  • Different templates for different invoices.
  • Zoho offers options to create more than four types of invoices such as Proforma invoices, Commercial invoices, Credit notes, Timesheet invoices, and Recurring Invoices.


4. Refrens Invoice Tool is also an online free tool where you can choose templates according to your business needs and generate invoices.

The email send option is also here. You can also send an email to anyone manually by downloading the PDF file.

The name also figures prominently in the list of online free invoice generator tools. Refrens is a free invoice generator tool that provides a beautiful pre-developed invoice design template.

It is also named in the list of Best Tool to Create and Download Unlimited Invoice Online


Refrens Invoice Sample


  • You can create unlimited invoices for a lifetime.
  • Freely manageable pre-developed invoices templates.
  • Save invoice online.
  • You can save your client details in the invoice marker.
  • PDF file generator
  • Direct Email sends facility.


5. Adobe Invoice Tool

By the way, this is a well-known company and it also has a lot of prebuilt templates available in the form of an online free invoice template option.

Here you can use any template as per your requirement and generate an invoice as per your requirement.

For invoice templates with professional impressions, this is a better platform where branded invoices can be generated.

There are many layouts already built in online invoice maker tools where you can create your own layout too.


6. Canva Invoice Tool is a free invoice maker tool with an option to create professional-looking invoices. Select professional-looking templates for your customer to create your custom information feel, upload your own logo, use brand color, font style, etc.

It provides a one-click option where you can generate an invoice within a few seconds using a pre-build template

Canva Invoice Maker

Canva Invoice Maker


7. Shopify Invoice Generator

Shopify is a well-known name for an eCommerce platform. One of its online free services is Invoice Generator Tool which provides a free invoice generation service.

The Shopify invoice generator online tool has the option to download and create PDFs of the invoice as well as send direct mail to the client.

This online invoice generator tool already has many pre-built templates which you can select according to your business design requirement and fill in your custom data, upload the company brand logo, and add many new fields also.

Shopify Online Generator

Shopify Invoice Sample


  • Free to use for both personal and commercial use.
  • Anyone can use it.
  • Ability to add custom fields as needed.
  • Custom brand logo upload features.
  • PDF file generator option.
  • Direct mail sending functionality to the client.


8. Free Invoice Builder provides an option for new users to create invoices with a very easy user interface.

You do not need to log in to generate your invoice without entering any unnecessary details.

It also has pre-built templates which are completely free in well-designed designs and you can select and generate invoices by entering your company details or personal details.


9. Create Online invoices is also a good option for Free Online Invoice Generator, although it is a growing website still its tool is good and there is still a lot of work to be done on it.

This website allows users to generate invoices, download pdf, and email invoices to their customers without registration.

There is almost every option to get instant payment from the client. There are different payment methods like Paypal, authorize.Net, eWay, etc.

You can select the template of your choice from the already existing template, save it and email it immediately.


10. Invoicehome also gives the option to create an invoice within a few minutes, where you can save the invoice information for the future, create a PDF of it and send it to the email.


  • 100+ Free Templates.
  • Document email facility.
  • PDF generation facility.
  • Facility to receive money from the client on the same platform.
  • Support Payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and



Professional invoicing also helps you to impress the customer. The above tools can give a better look to generate invoices with graphic design tools and can send emails to clients.

All these tools also give you the option to receive payments instantly on the same platform.

All the above-mentioned online free invoice generator tools will be of great help to generate the most efficient invoice. It has enough features to generate a professional-looking invoice.

More than 100+ design templates are available in all online invoice generator tools. All these design templates allow you to generate invoices in the shortest possible time.


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